Lake Tanganyika Katete area video

A short video from LightSearch showing the boulder-filled waters of southern Lake Tanganyika.

The vast differences of habitats in Lake Tanganyika almost make it seem as if they couldn’t belong in the same lake. This lake has everything from endless sandy terrains to rocky cliffs, or in the case of Katete, boulders all over the bottom. The different biotopes drive the nature of the fish that live within them. The video above shows several species that thrive among the rocks for protection or a food source. Lots of juvenile fish can be seen hugging the rocks along with mature herbivores grazing on algae. Discussion on Lake Tanganyika species can be done in the lake’s forum.

lake tanganyika

Tropheus sp. “Red” Nkamba Bay Chilanga, close to Katete. Photo by Dave Hansen.

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