Lake Tanganyika muddy shallows video

Another in the wild video from LightSearch showing cichlids in the muddy shallows of Lake Tanganyika.

This video shows many of the inhabitants of the muddy shallows in Lake Tanganyika. Featherfins and other cichlids can be seen over their nests and bowers. Lots of territorial aggression and displaying can clearly be seen even among different species. At one point what appears to be a Petrochromis gets in on the action. Bowers are constructed by some species of cichlids in order to attract mates. Different species construct bowers in different shapes. The shapes of the bowers can sometimes be used identify relationships between species of cichlids. To discuss the various cichlids and behavior in this video visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

lake tanganyika

Ophthalmotilapia species. Image capture from LightSearch video.

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