Lake Tanganyika; Jewel of the Rift

lake tanganyika

The other day I was feeling a bit nostalgic so I decided to pop in an old favorite VHS tape. Yes I still have a VHS player, don’t judge me. In the mid-90s National Geographic released Jewel of the Rift, and it turned me on to Lake Tanganyika cichlids. Until them I had only kept Lake Malawi and Victorian cichlids. Unfortunately, Jewel of the Rift was never released on DVD. The video has some great in the wild footage of Tanganyikan cichlids; from the smallest cichlids living their lives in shells to emperor cichlids protecting their young. If you have never seen the video or haven’t in a while, take some time to view it. There are several YouTube channels that have the entire video in parts. Unfortunately, they all appear to have originated from one of two versions. One version has good audio while the other version has better video, but poor audio. I found that Dailymotion has a pretty good version.

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