Lake Tanganyika fish and algae documentary

Following The Fish in the Near Shore Waters of Lake Tanganyika video documentary.

A short documentary on the study of algae and algae eating fish in the shallow waters of Lake Tanganyika. The study is trying to determine the impact of changes in the quality of algae. Pollution and changing water temperatures affect algae and therefore the fish that feed on it. Tropheus and Petrochromis are some of the herbivores that rely on algae (aka aufwuchs) and are seen throughout the underwater footage in this video. Algae quality is not only important for the fish that feed on it, but also for larger, predatory fish in the lake. Does a reduction of the quality of algae affect breeding? Are fish having to spend more time feeding and less time courting?

For a detailed article on the makeup of the lake’s algae, take a look at Brett Harrington’s article; Aufwuchs, A food that really rocks (or grows on it).

Lake Tanganyika

Tropheus moorii Samazi feeding on algae. Photo by Ad Konings

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