Lake Malawi diving video

A short video of a dive in Lake Malawi. Video’s author describes the location as Nakatenga Rock. Possibly Nakantenga Island in the southwest part of the lake?

Regardless of the location, the footage shows just how many different types of cichlids, especially mbuna, inhabit the large rocks. The water’s color is very green and I don’t know if its just a white balance issue or if it’s actual conditions. The picture below shows a screen capture with a quick color correction. Judge for yourself.

The large rocks along the shores of Lake Malawi are home to a great variety of cichlid species. Mbuna is a term meaning rock-fish and is used to describe the colorful fish that live around rocks. Most are herbivores that spend most of their time picking at the algae growth on rocks. For more information on mbuna, check out the Haps Vs. Mbuna article in the library.

lake malawi

Screen capture from video with slight color correction.

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