Hemibates koningsi newly described

Hemibates koningsi

Hemibates koningsi. Photo by Ad Konings

After many years of being considered a variant of Hemibates stenosoma, or as a closely related unsubscribed species, Hemibates koningsi has been formally described. H. koningsi differentiates itself from H. stenosoma, the only other member of the genus, by different adult male color patterns, differences in their jaws and gills. A full description can be found on the MapPress website, but unfortunately it is behind a paywall.

In the wild Hemibates koningsi spends its time in the deeper waters of southern Lake Tanganyika where it is very abundant. H. koningsi is a predator that has been described as somewhat aggressive. Reaching sizes of 12 inches, neither species of the Hemibates genus have been seen much in the hobby. To discuss H. koningsi visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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