HCCC meeting and rare fish auction


Haplochromis sp. “KK Beach”. Photo by Greg Steeves

The Hill Country Cichlid Club will be hosing a very special meeting on April 23rd. Guest speaker will be Jose Gonzales and will probably involve Madagascar cichlids and/or endangered species. That is not all, the HCCC meeting will also include a rare fish auction and a tour of the Water Garden Gems in Marion, TX. The rare fish auction will include Haplochromis sp. “KK Beach” (pictured above), Thoracochromis sp. “flavententis”, Mbipia lutea, and many other out of the ordinary species. For more information on this upcoming HCCC event visit their Facebook Event Page.

If you live in South Texas or can find a way to make it to Marion, TX area (about 30 miles from downtown San Antonio), this Hill Country Cichlid Club event will be well worth it.

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