Greenwoodochromis christyi from Lake Tanganyika

Greenwoodochromis christyi

Greenwoodochromis christyi. Photo by Ad Konings

Found mostly in the deep waters of Lake Tanganyika, Greenwoodochromis christyi is a rarely seen predator that feeds mostly on invertebrates and smaller fish. G. christyi‘s sides are dotted with iridescent spots which make more sense than bright colors in the dimmer deep waters. They have a large, upturned mouth and laterally compressed body similar to that of Altolamprologus. The genus Greenwoodochromis is small with only a couple named species.

Not often seen in the hobby, Greenwoodochromis christyi have found their way into some hobby’s tanks. Sexing this species is difficult as both males and females are very similar. Perhaps it is best to start with some juveniles and let a pair form. Others should be promptly removed since the pair will not tolerate them. This species can also be aggressive toward other species. Lighting should be dim or they will become very shy. Overly active tankmates are not recommended. Of course, anything small enough to be eaten will be eaten. G. christyi is reported to be a bi-parental mouthbrooder; both parents will take turns holding the eggs/young until they are ready to be on their own. To discuss this species visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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