FOTAS 2015 annual convention

Fotas 2015

The FOTAS 2015 annual convention is being hosted by the Texas Cichlid Association.

The Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies is holding their annual convention this weekend, September 25-27. FOTAS is an organization made up of aquarium clubs in Texas and surrounding states. Every year, one of the member organizations hosts the event. FOTAS 2015 is being hosted by the Texas Aquarium Society in Irving, TX. For last minute information, visit

Member organizations are not all cichlid clubs. As such, FOTAS conventions are very diverse, hosting talks about everything from bettas to aquatic plants. Regardless, most conventions are very cichlid-centric, especially when hosted by a cichlid club. Expect the Sunday auction to have great deals and rare cichlids. For more information on FOTAS 2015, including a schedule and list of speakers, visit the event information page.

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