Far-reaching impact of dams on Amazon River

An article on Nature.com titled Damming the rivers of the Amazon basin details the far-reaching consequences of dams along the Amazon River. Although this blog has covered other articles about the impact of damming the Amazon River, new research has shown that the impact goes far beyond the immediate areas around a new dam.

Detailed on this article and in a short synopsis by Popular Science, dams along the Amazon River can even cause environmental changes on coastal regions far away from the mouth of the river. Much of the impact comes from the restriction of sediment flow. The more dams, the greater and far-reaching the impact. At this time there are proposals to build up to 428 dams along the Amazon River with 140 already completed of being build.

To discuss this topic and the impact on native species of cichlids visit the South American Cichlids forum.


Symphysodon aequifasciata, aka Discus. Originally from the Amazon River. Photo by Patrick Farrelly


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