Electric fish discovered in Congo River

electric fish

Petrocephalus boboto. Photo by Lavoué S, Sullivan JP.

Scientist have discovered two electric fish species in the Congo River that have the ability to produce mild currents. These small charges, which are too small to be felt, are believed to help electrolocate in the dark and also serve as a way to communicate with other electric fish. For more information on these two new species, you can read the article on Sci-News.com.

The discovery of two electric fish species helps to highlight the two previous blogs this week. One being the unique species found along the Congo River like Teleogramma brichardi or even the only known blind cichlid, Lamprologus lethops (pictured below). The other blog dealt with the development of fish-friendly dams. As mentioned in the blog, dams can devastate fish populations. In the NBC News article, scientist were working with various countries to develop safer dams. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the Congo River or China. An article in Eurasia Review discusses China’s desire to enter into the dam building business on the Congo River. China’s record on environmental concerns isn’t stellar. Combine that with the unique and yet undiscovered species only found in Congo River and the results can’t be good.

Lamprologus lethops

Lamprologus lethops. Only known blind cichlid species.

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