Ectodus descampsii from Lake Tanganyika

Ectodus descampsii

Ectodus descampsii. Photo by Ad Konings.

Ectodus descampsii can be found in various parts of Lake Tanganyika. This species spends its days searching for food in the coarse, sandy bottoms along the shore where it finds small organisms and algae. Aside from a large black dot on their dorsal fin, E. descampsii is mostly silver in color. Closely related to featherfins species, E. descampsii shares some of the same characteristics. These fish are easily scared and don’t do well with aggressive or overly active fish. E. descampsii is the only officially described species in the Ectodus, but there is a Ectodus sp. “Descampsi North”.

In the aquarium Ectodus descampsii should be provided with plenty of room, a sandy bottom and only calm species as tankmates. Best kept in species only tanks if you want to see them demonstrating their normal behavior. E. descampsii will spend most of the day scooping up sand in search of food. In the wild this species lives in large groups so it is best to have a good size group in a tank. Dominant males will stake out a territory and dig pits in order to attract females. Subdominant males are known to get in between a spawning pair in order to attempt to fertilize some of the eggs. Successful spawns are difficult in aquarium conditions. To discuss Ectodus descampsii visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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