DIY aquarium in under 3 minutes

For anyone looking for some inspiration on a DIY aquarium project, take a look at this video. Depending on your taste in music, you might want to lower the volume.

This is a condensed version of a DIY aquarium with no instructions. However it shows what someone can do in their home if they are willing to do some research and take on this type of project. For anyone who might want to try this, make sure you visit the Do It Yourself section of the Library. In it you will find many articles on how to build everything from acrylic and plywood aquariums to tank stands and covers.

I’m just guessing, but I see a lot of the same elements as Joe Salvatori’s article; Building a 1700 gallon Shark Tank. Take a look at the article for some detailed instructions on the process, including filtration.

DIY aquarium

Joe Salvatori’s 1700 gallon shark tank

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