DIY acrylic aquarium project

diy acrylic

DIY Acrylic Aquarium by Brad Newton

For a while I’ve been considering purchasing a large acrylic aquarium. I really like how clear acrylic looks compared to glass. On a whim, I stopped by a local shop to have a look at what they carried. I knew they were expensive, but I was still taken aback by the cost. The price wasn’t even the only issue. I was planning on a large shelldweller/rockdweller Tanganyikan community tank. Most of the tanks I saw had large water volumes, but they were very tall with a small footprint for what I needed. Sad and disillusioned I drove home. It wasn’t until later I remembered an article posted about 10 years ago in the Do-It-Yourself section of the library. When I first read the article a DIY acrylic aquarium seemed really cool, but at the time I was using smaller tanks. It was just easier and more practical to buy glass tanks.

Anyway, I’m really looking into the idea of a DIY acrylic tank. Not only will I be able to save some cash, but I’ll be able to build it to the dimensions I need. There won’t be a foot of wasted space at the top. If you haven’t read Brad Newton’s Building an Acrylic Aquarium article, check it out. You might just get inspired.

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