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Aulonocara sp. "tangerine". Photo by Dave Hansen

Aulonocara sp. “tangerine”. Photo by Dave Hansen

Fish have a system of sense organs used to detect motion and vibrations in the water. This sensory system is known as lateral lines and can be seen as a faint lines running lengthwise along the side of fish. These receptors can also be found around the eyes and lower jaw. Lateral lines help fish detect nearby predators and aid in navigation. Jacqueline Webb, a University of Rhode Island professor of biology, has demonstrated that cichlids in the genus Aulonocara, have widened lateral line canals that are highly sensitive to vibrations and water flows. Aulonocara don’t just use their sensory abilities to detect general water movement around them, but also use it for find prey under sediment by picking up tiny vibrations caused by the prey’s movement. For more on this study, visit Science Daily. You can also find more information on Aulonacara in our Peacock Corner.

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