Cyprichromis leptosoma spawn video

A great video on Tom’s Tanganyika channel showing a pair of Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta spawning.

Found throughout Lake Tanganyika in its many variants, Cyprichromis leptosoma form large schools numbering into the thousands. C. leptosoma spend their adult life in open water. Males will claim a space of water and attract females to spawn. As seen in the video above, the eggs are released and quickly caught by the female. All this while fending off some young, hungry Petrochromis. Once the fry have developed enough to be on their own the female will release them by some rocks where the young fish can find cover.

In the aquarium Cyprichromis leptosoma should be kept in large groups if you want to see their natural behaviors. Best kept with non-aggressive or predatory fish. For more information on this genus check out the articles by Eric Glab and Marc Elieson. Discussion can be done in the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

cyprichromis leptosoma

Cyprichromis species. Photo by Aqua-Treff (CC BY-SA 4.0)


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