Cunningtonia longiventralis from Lake Tanganyika

Cunningtonia longiventralis

Cunningtonia longiventralis. Photo by Ad Konings

Found along the rocky shores of Lake Tanganyika, Cunningtonia longiventralis is a featherfin and the only member of its genus. First described over 100 years ago, C. longiventralis gets its name from its long pelvic fins. Males have a beautiful blue coloration while females are mostly drab. Some color variation can be found between the different collection points. Although widespread throughout south Lake Tanganyika, this species isn’t very abundant and is rarely collected.

Not often seen in the hobby, Cunningtonia longiventralis can be obtained by the determined hobbyists. Care should be taken when choosing tankmates. Like other featherfins, C. longiventralis may not do well with aggressive or overly active species. Spawning takes place on mounds constructed by males to attract females. To discuss C. longiventralis visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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