Ctenochromis polli from the Congo River

Ctenochromis polli

Ctenochromis polli. Photo by Dave Hansen

Ctenochromis polli is thought to be among the first West African cichlids imported into the U.S. The first specimens were caught in Stanley Pool (Pool Malebo) but it is thought to be in several locations throughout the lower and mid Congo River. C. polli is not often found in the hobby and its original habitat is threatened by urbanisation.

In the aquarium Ctenochromis polli isn’t a very demanding fish. Males can reach 4″, while females are slightly smaller. Older, mature males can develop a nuchal hump. In the wild C. polli regularly eats insect larvae, but will adapt to most fish foods. C. polli can be aggressive and does well with mbuna and other hardy cichlids. Plenty of hiding places are recommended and subdued lighting is best, otherwise they will be very shy. To discuss Ctenochromis polli visit the West African forum.

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