Crenicichla ploegi – New species from Brazil

Crenicichla ploegi

Crenicichla ploegi. Male (left) and female (right). Photo by Marcelo Krause

A new species of pike cichlid, Crenicichla ploegi, has been recently described. This species can be found in streams and rivers of the Mato Grosso State in central Brazil. C. ploegi is part of the Crenicichla saxatilis group, but distinguishes itself from the other members of the group by having dark spots and irregular lines on the face area and distinctive lateral banding.

Crenicichla ploegi is named after Dutch ichthyologist Alex Ploeg who worked extensively on the Crenicichla genus. Dr. Ploeg, along with his wife and son, perished on Malaysia Airlines 17 over Ukraine in 2014. The publication describing C. ploegi can be found on Mapress, but behind a paywall. A short description of the new species is available on Novataxa. To discuss C. ploegi visit the South American Cichlids forum.


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