Coptodon bakossiorum from Cameroon

Coptodon bakossiorum

Coptodon bakossiorum. Photo by Dave Hansen

Coptodon bakossiorum, formerly known as Tilapia bakossiorum, is a rare cichlid endemic to the crater Lake Bermin. Like other crater lakes in Cameroon, Lake Bermin is one of the many in the region susceptible to CO2 “burping”. CO2 releases like in Lake Nyos have caused mass deaths of fish, livestock and people. This potential for natural disaster along with pollution and sedimentation have put C. bakossiorum‘s native waters at risk.

As Coptodon bakossiorum matures, the bottom half of their bodies turn a bright red. Although not seen much in the hobby, this species is occasionally available from importers, breeders of West African cichlid enthusiasts. Some information on West African crater lake cichlids can be found in the library article Insight on Barombi Mbo, Cameroon by Greg Steeves. To discuss Coptodon bakossiorum visit the West African Species forum.


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