Congo River: Evolution in the deepest river

Congo River

Congo River. Photo by Bsm15. has put out an interesting article about evolution in the worlds deepest river. The Congo River, with its unique characteristics, has created some interesting evolutionary circumstances. With depths of over 700 feet and an average discharge of 1,400,000 cubic feet per second, nature has created some unusual cichlids. Some have sleek bodies to handle the fast moving water while others are completely blind. The fast moving water has also created fish that look alike on opposite sides of the river’s bank, but are genetically dissimilar.

To read more about the Congo River and the unique evolution of species living within its banks, visit’s Evolution in the Deepest River in the World article. Ichthyologist Melanie Stiassny of the American Museum of Natural History is featured along with many great photos in the photo gallery.

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