Cichlid bowers in Lake Tanganyika videos

Stationary videos showing the same cichlid bowers from different angles in Lake Tanganyika.

The same people that brought you the hours-long Battle of the Shells documentary uses the same technique to capture bower-building cichlids. Instead of swimming around and filming cichlids in their natural habitat, these videos are shot from a stationary position. Fish are more likely to display their natural behavior if there isn’t a person swimming around close to them. Also, a stationary camera can shoot hours of uninterrupted video.

The cichlids identified in the video are Aulonocranus dewindti and a Callochromis species. Males of both species build bowers or nests in order to attract females. Spawning takes place within or on top of the bower. The Library section of this site have several articles on species that build bowers, even in tanks. Cichlid bowers are build by Opthalmotilapia heterodonta and Callochromis pleurospilus to name a few.

cichlid bowers

Xenotilapia ornatipinnis. Photo by Ad Konings.

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