Chilotilapia euchilus from Lake Malawi

Chilotilapia euchilus

Chilotilapia euchilus. Photo by Ad Konings

Found throughout Lake Malawi, Chilotilapia euchilus has a distinctive feature not seen in many other species. Commonly known as Malawi Thicklip (or some variation on the name), this species has also been called Haplochromis euchilus and Cheilochromis euchilus. Males can reach upwards of 10 inches in length while females are a little shorter. Males also display impressive blues, yellows and reds. Females are a golden silver color with two dark stripes. In the wild, C. euchilus uses its over-sized lips to seal crevices in the rocks and suck out small invertebrates or fry.

In the aquarium Chilotilapia euchilus is generally mild-mannered, but not to members of its own species. Very large tanks are recommended when keeping mature adults. One male to multiple females is best. Tankmates should be other large species that don’t have a similar appearance. Its distinctive lips aren’t as pronounced is tank-raised specimens. To discuss C. euchilus visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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