Cave of the Cichlids

Cave of the Cichids is another great, quality video from EarthTouch. In this episode we get a great view of some of the caves at Otter Point in Lake Malawi and the cichlids that live within them. According to the narrator, cichlids that make their homes within the caves are more colorful to make up for the low light levels. The quantity of cichlids living in and around the large rock formations is amazing and I can never get enough footage. The mbuna and peacocks that live in the cavities are not only colorful, but have developed some unusual behaviors.

What I found most peculiar was the Aulonocara that spent a lot of time upside down, using the cave ceilings as the bottom. I’ve only seen Julidochromis do this but now I’m guessing there are other species that do this too. Some of the peacocks captured in the video are incredible, especially towards the end. If I had seen these fish in a tank, I would have thought they were line-breed to get the color intensity they displayed. If you would like to read more about Aulonocara, make sure to visit the Peacock Corner where you will find many great articles.

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