Aulonocara aquilonium from Lake Malawi

Aulonocara aquilonium

Aulonocara aquilonium. Photo by Ad Konings

Not often seen in the hobby, Aulonocara aquilonium has only been found in the waters off of Mdoka in northwestern Lake Malawi. Mature males have light blue coloration on the face and the fins have distinctive black edges. A. aquilonium live over sandy bottoms where they feed on buried invertebrates. When not spawning, A. aquilonium can be seen in swimming together in large groups.

Often incorrectly imported under the name Aulonocara auditor, Aulonocara aquilonium is not a species that is usually carried by retailers. If you are fortunately enough to find them, A. aquilonium isn’t much different than most other Aulonocara. They don’t do well with aggressive tankmates and should be fed quality food to be healthy and happy. Best kept in large groups (8+) over a sand substrate so you can see their natural behaviors. To discuss this species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum. For more information on Aulonocara check out the Peacock Corner in the library.


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