Astatotilapia sp. “Chizumulu” from Lake Malawi

Astatotilapia sp

Astatotilapia sp. “Chizumulu”. Photo by Greg Steeves

A recent find, Astatotilapia sp. “Chizumulu” has been making its way into a few select hobbyist’s aquariums. As of now, this is not believed to be the same species as Astatotilapia calliptera Chizumulu. Whether this is a distinct species or simply a variant has yet to be determined. The library has an article on Astatotilapia calliptera.

Although information on Astatotilapia sp. “Chizumulu” is vague and often confused with A. calliptera, A. sp. “Chizumulu” is a beautiful fish. The body has some blue color, but the fins really shine with red trim around fluorescent power blue. To discuss A. sp. “Chizumulu” visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

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