Amphilophus citrinellus from Central America

Amphilophus citrinellus

Amphilophus citrinellus. Photo by George Chernilevsky (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Amphilophus citrinellus, popularly known as the Midas cichlid, can be found in ponds and lakes throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua. An opportunistic predator, A. citrinellus eats pretty much anything it can find in the rocks and crevices. Feeding mostly on smaller fish and invertebrates, it will also consume plant matter. Color variations are common depending on location. A. citrinellus is also an invasive species that can survive in warm waters throughout the world including Florida, Puerto Rico and Singapore.

In the aquarium Amphilophus citrinellus can be a handful. Not only does A. citrinellus reach over 12 inches in length, it is also incredibly aggressive. A huge tank is a must and tankmate selection should be done with care. Despite the difficulties, A. citrinellus is a popular and easily available cichlid in the hobby. For more information visit the Central American Cichlids forum.


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