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Shelf Life of Aquarium Test Kits
by MudbugnLouisianna

How many of you have ever wondered how much time your test kits have left and what their shelf life is? If you are like me and you test your water parameters then you have probably wondered the answer to this question. To answer this question, I decided to e-mail three of the most well known companies for test kits and here are the responses. Keep in mind this may change at any time and I assume no responsibility for any of these products.

The first company is Aquarium Pharmaceuticals:

Thank you very much for contacting us regarding our products. All of your comments and questions are valuable.

As for your first question I have to tell you that we do not know if changes will be made.

Test Solutions Shelf Life from bottling date
Wide Range pH Test Solution 3 years
Ammonia Test Solution #1 3 years
Ammonia Test Solution #2 3 years
High Range pH Indicator Solution (m-Cresol Purple) 3 years
Nitrate Test Solution #1 3 years
Nitrate Test Solution #2 3 years
GH Test Solution 3 years
KH Test Solution 4 years
Nitrite Test Solution 4 years
Fresh Water Ammonia Test Solution (Nessler) 5 years
Fresh Water pH Indicator Solution 5 years
High Range pH Indicator Solution (Cresol Red) 5 years
Salt Level Test Solution #1 5 years
Salt Level Test Solution #2 5 years

To determine bottling date check the lot # on the reagent bottle. The last 4 digits are the month and year of bottling.

Example: 33A1201 would = a bottling date of December 2001.

If you have any more questions please contact me.

Karin Berke
Technical Services Representative
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

The second company is Hagen:

All of our test kits have a shelf life of four years. Each package is marked with an expiration date. Please reply if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Sharon Emond, Customer Service Dept.
Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.

The third company is Tetra:

The kits have a five-year shelf life. Once you open them you should discard them after a year. If you would like us to trouble shoot further please call 800-526-0650 option 1 M-F 8-5.

Tetra Consumer Relations

I hope you enjoy the information and good luck with your test kits. □

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