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The hybrid cichlid... pet or problem? by by Damian Jones (number6)

How does a Malawi cichlid end up in a fish tank? by Peter Hofman (trigger)

Raising Cichlids Outside by Greg Steeves

The Evolution of Cichlids by Sabine Wilkins

Diving Lake Tanganyika by Tim Nurse

My Malawi Diary by Peter Hofman (trigger)

Selecting & Purchasing African Cichlids by Marc Elieson

Transporting & Acclimating Cichlids by Marc Elieson

Breaking Down Existing Aquariums for Relocatio by Tony O'Neal (a7oneal)

It's Not Just About "Westies" Anymore by Randall Kohn

Tips on Showing Fish by Don 'Z-Man' Zilliox

Suitability of Rocks in the Aquarium - A Practical Guide
by Bob Wyllie

Collecting Cichlids in Mexico by Eddie Martin

Cichlid Farming in Belize by Rusty Wessel

Learning the Hard Way by Jeffrey de Ruyter

Oddities in My Tank by Marc Elieson

Consumer Advice for Buying Cichlids on the Internet by M. Milazzo

Review - iPad App - Malawi Peacocks: Aulonacara by Pam Chin

Book Review - Tropheus In Their Natural Habitat by Pam Chin

eBook Review - Featherfins In Their Natural Habitat by Pam Chin

Book Review - Cichlids of Africa Volume 1: Haplochromines by Ken Boorman

DVD Review – Malawi Cichlids -- Feeding Behavior by David Yoder

Book Review - Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat 4th edition by Peter Hofman (trigger)

Book Review - Celebrating Cichlids from Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika by Justin Clark

Book Review - Bleherīs Discus Volume 1 by Lee Finley

When the Power Fails by William McReynolds

Life Buffer Theory by Craig Thompson

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