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Why African Cichlids by Marc Elieson

The Lakes of East Africa by Marc Elieson

Lake Tanganyika by Eric Glab

Lake Tanganyika and its Diverse Cichlids by Craig Morfitt

Insight on Barombi Mbo, Cameroon by Greg Steeves

How Cichlids Get Named by Marc Elieson

African Cichlid Compatibility Issues by Marc Elieson

"Mixed African Cichlids" by Robin Lovell

All-Male Malawi Tank by Joe Alary (aka Joea)

Steatocranus: A Genus Review by Dave Hansen

The Little Known Arrow-fish; Yssichromis by Greg Steeves

New to the hobby Haplochromines by Greg Steeves

Care and Maintenance of Petrochromis by Leigh Kissane (aka ApexPredator)

Species Recommendations For Beginners by the CF Moderators

Haps Vs. Mbuna by Marc Elieson

The Peacocks of Lake Malawi by Marc Elieson

Metriaclima Vs. Maylandia by Brett Harrington

Aufwuchs by Brett Harrington

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