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What Should I Feed My Frontosas?
by Eric Glab

According to the experts frontosas are primarily fish eaters or 'piscivores'. Therefore it would be natural to feed your frontosa, fish. Since feeder goldfish and feeder guppies that are available Kigoma 7-stripein your local pet shop tend to be raised in filthy environments, they cannot be recommended. If you were to raise your own feeders or purchase them from a clean source, then that would be a different story. We can also feed our frontosa fresh or frozen fish. Stay away from freshwater fish and try to use ocean fish. The chances for salt water parasites contaminating a freshwater host is less then from a freshwater parasite. Since fish can be expensive these days, shop carefully. I like to use Whiting as it is cheap and usually comes with the skin on. The skin is nutritious and should be left on the fish. A few small bones in the fish should also be left as they supply calcium and other minerals.

There are plenty of other good foods out there, brine shrimp, black worms, glassworms, silversides, all make good supplements. Don't be afraid to give your fish some variety.

Of course, the convenience of prepared foods is preferred most of the time. When frontosa are smaller, flakes work best. But, as they get larger, flakes become messy and pellets are the food of choice. There are many good brands of prepared foods out there. Use what gives your fish the best results and remember, don't overfeed. □


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