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DIY - PVC Caves
by Ryan Subotzky

I wanted to create some cover in my aquarium for my fish. Adding rocks would increase the weight and remove water volume so I built a PVC cave structure.

These are quite easy and extremely unexpensive to construct. Frist, cut PVC pipes to the desired length and build the caves by gluing the pipes together. Next, you'll need to place the pipes in your aquarium. And then if you desire, you can cover the PVC with large rocks to hide them from view. This will help to keep the aquarium looking natural.

Disclaimer: By building this DIY project you agree not to hold the author or the owners of this Web site responsible for any injury or bodily harm you may cause to yourself or others. Always wear safety glasses when working with tools and keep chemicals and power tools away from children. Read and understand all safety instructions pertaining to equipment prior to use.           

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