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Pool Filter Sand - The Ideal Aquarium Substrate by Frank Mueller

Setting up a Rheophilic Tank
by Dave Hansen

Suitability of Rocks in the Aquarium - A Practical Guide
by Bob Wyllie

Water Movement In The Tank by Marc Elieson

Which Filter to Choose by Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec

Setting Up a Planted Aquarium by Karen Randall

Setting Up An African Rift Lake Aquarium by Marc Elieson

Setting Up A Lake Malawi Cichlid Tank by Rafal Izdebski

The Tanganyikan Community Tank: Part I by Brad Newton

The Tanganyikan Community Tank: Part II by Marc Elieson

Driftwood Basics by Alec Perseghin & Eric Glab

2 Options For Aquarium Substrates

Sand, Sand, Sand by Brad Newton

2 Options For Aquarium Substrates

How To Clean Pool Filter Sand by Cichlidaphilia

The Correct Lighting for Your Aquarium by Dr. Tim Hovanec

Texas Holey Rock (Honeycomb Limestone) by Marc Elieson

Glass or Acrylic? by Dave Pierce

Plumbing FAQ for Aquariums by Chris Gray

Wood Framed Floors and Aquarium Weights by Kevin Bauman

Power Filter "Tricks"

Phase I by William McReynolds

Cascade 300 by William McReynolds

AquaClear Filters by William McReynolds

Penguin 330 by William McReynolds

Emperor 400 by William McReynolds

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