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Aristochromis christyi
by Josh Scheibenpflug

Aristochromis christyi pairMales and Females reach an average size of 12" (30 cm). In the wild, Aristochromis christyi inhabits the intermediate zone lying between rocky and sandy littorals. The depth at which this species resides varies depending upon location, but can be anywhere from 2 to 10 meters (6 ft to 33 ft).

Aristochromis christyi demands frequent water changes! It will not hesitate to eat other fish and requires large aquaria. A PH of 7.3 - 8.5 and a temperature of 73 - 78 F (22 - 26 C) will be needed.

Aristochromis christyi is an african cichlid from lake malawi with an agressive temperment and should not be kept with boisterous or belicose tankmates (e.g., mbuna) or any other smaller cichlids.

All known Aristochromis christyi species feed mainly on live food. In the aquarium, however, these species readily accept commercially prepared foods, such as flakes, pellets, and frozen foods.


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