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 Quick Reference
Cookie Cutter Setups (Helping you to put the right fish
together in your size tank), Species Lists,
Glossary, Buffer Recipes, & Aquarium Calculators
 Aquarium Setup
Advice on setting up species only tanks, optimizing
power filters, substrate articles, & water movement
Cichlid-Forum Television & your fish in motion
 New World Cichlids
Guapotes, Apistos, Eartheaters, Discus, etc.
 African Cichlids
Species recommendations, lake articles,
compatibility issues, and last but not least auwfuchs
 Frontosa Corner
Articles, FAQ and even how to build your own frontosa pond
 Peacock Corner
Articles, profiles & how to successfully mix peacocks
 Shell Dweller Corner
Even the little ones need love too!
 Tropheus Corner
Articles to get you started on keeping Tropheus
 Species Articles
120+ species ranging from New World to Old World Cichlids
Tips on determining gender, stripping fry, tumbling
eggs, and general cichlid breeding terminology
 Plants & Algae
Controlling algae and keeping plants in a cichlid environment
What to feed cichlids including home recipes
Fishless cycling, water chemistry, carbon, & test kits
Articles on treating Bloat, Float, & Ich
Aquariums, stands, backgrounds, & much more
Are you aware that many species are endangered?
Learn how to help save cichlids for future generations!
Photo tips: the best part of having the coolest
fish is showing it off to everyone else
 Miscellaneous Articles
Purchasing, transporting & acclimating cichlids, cichlid farming,
diving in Lake Tanganyika, power failures, showing fish
Cichlid variant & geograpical maps. Some are interactive too!
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