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Lake Malawi oil drilling

An op-ed article about oil drilling around Lake Malawi. Oil revenues are important, especially to developing countries, but at what price? For the full article, visit The Maravi Post

New Bolivian law protects river dolphins

Dado Galdieri, File/Associated Press

Bolivian President Evo Morales has enacted a law to protect Amazon river dolphins. This new law makes it not only illegal to fish this freshwater dolphin, but it also encourages programs to protect their habitats which have been damaged by erosion, pollution and woodcutting in the river basins. Habitat destruction threatens all inhabitants of Amazon rivers, including cichlids. For more infomation on this story, read the Washington Post story

Fish for cichlids AND get a free rod and reel?!

Let me get this straight. You can fish for cichlids, for free. The first 100 registrants also get a free rod and real. Tons of giveaways. It also helps the environment be reducing the number of an invasive species.

I couldn’t make up a poster that would grab my attention any better! What else do they need offer for a cichlid person to come out for this event?! Am I being Punk’d? If anyone goes to this event, please let me know if Ashton shows up!

A sinking food made specifically for herbivore cichlids

Hikari makes all sorts of fish foods and they have been doing it for a long time. Their wide variety of foods allows us aquarists to choose a food specifically for certain types of fish or for specific conditions. If you have an overflow in a tank, you know how annoying it can be when floating foods get skimmed away before your fish get a chance to eat them. If you have cichlids that are suseptible to bloat (think Tropheus and even some Mbuna), you know how frustrating it is when it happens. Hikari has figured out a solution that works well for either (or even both!) of these situations, it’s their Sinking Cichlid Excel. This extremely well balanced diet is targeted at herbivorous or finicky cichlids who avoid feeding from the surface or who are susceptible to bloat. Of course many will tell you that their fish experience superior growth and outstanding color when they feed this food. Find out more about Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel here.

Tropheus duboisi spawning in the aquarium

Tropheus duboisi are one of the most amazing cichlids. The juvenile and adult pattern are so different from each other. Still, both patterns are pleasant to the eye. Personally, I like the juvenile pattern a little more. With a jet black background with white spots, Tropheus duboisi juveniles look more like a reef damselfish than a freshwater fish.

Wild Discus at Lago Grande Do Curuai, Brazil

I can never get enough of seeing cichlids in their natural habitat.

Cuatro Cienegas photo galleries

Herichthys minckleyi – www.ciclidos-mexico.com

Cuatro Cienegas, meaning four marshes, is a unique ecosystem in the northern desert of Mexico. Despite efforts to preserve this rare biological reserve, water levels have been dropping. It is believed that large scale agriculture and climatological changes are to blame. Cuatro Cienegas is home to about 30 endemic aquatic species, including Herichthys cyanoguttatus and Herichthys minckleyi. The website www.ciclidos-mexico.com has several galleries with hundreds of pictures from the Cuatro Cienegas area and fishes. Here are a few of the galleries: Herichthys minckleyi Gallery 1, Herichthys minckleyi Gallery 2, Lepomis megalotis, Views of Cuatro Cienegas, Poza Azul pool

Midas falls out of a tree!

Photograph by: Kevin Hill, North Shore News

I’ve heard of fish falling out of tanks and nets, but never something like this. Apparently a Midas cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellum) fell out of a tree in Vancouver, Canada. For the full story, visit the Vancouver Sun website.

Cobalt Aquatics claims to have the most accurate aquarium heater

With a sleek flat design the Neo-Therm heater looks like something from out of the future. We like the LED display that shows the set temperature and actual tank temperature. Cobalt Aquatics shared the graph above which show that the Neo-Therm is accurate to within a half degree. They claim this makes the Neo-Therm the most accurate heater on the market. The red line is the tank temperature over time with temp referenced on the left Y axis, the white chart is the power consumption over the same time showing the activity of the advanced electronic thermostat referenced on the right Y axis. Product developer Les Wilson claims “I have been in the aquarium equipment business for 18 years and have never seen a heater that performs like the Neo-Therm!” A full video description and demo can be found here.

Cichlids of Central America in the Wild

A great compilation of different Central American cichlids in their natural habitat from various locations.

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