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3 F1 Metriaclima Sp. Gold zebra Kawanga (2 Males 1 female). Alpha male is already displaying breeding behaviour. Fish are 3"-3.25" - $45

4 Metriaclima Sp. Msobo Magunga (3 males and 1 female). Males with turn blue and black, females stay yellow. All fish are around 3" - $45

F1 Metriaclima.hajomaylandi Pombo Rocks breeding pair. 4" - $35

F1 Pseudotropheus.elongatus Chailosi Chitande breeding group (1 male 3 females). The male is deep yellow with black bars most of the time, but develops bright blue on his forehead and all the way down his back, when in breeding mode.
3" - $45

Placidochromis.electra (deep water hap) male. 2.5" starting to develop colours - $10

If you're interested please send me PM. Will send you a link to the pictures of all the cichlids for sale.

Pick-Up Only  January 6, 2017
Ram-Finatic Mississauga, ON
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