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If you have African or New World cichlids for sale or if you are looking for a particular cichlid, this is the place! Also consider our Sponsors page, where you find retailers who offer a variety of quality fish.

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For Sale  adult and juvenile mbuna (cheap)
gregga   Shipping Available long island, NY
For Sale  Shortfin and Longfin Bushynose Plecos
robtang   Shipping Available san diego, CA
For Sale   BCWP Calvus and Sumbu Dwarf Compressiceps
robtang   Shipping Available San Diego, CA
For Sale  Red zebra cichlid 10 weeks old
Jnm230   Pick-Up Only Miami, FL
For Sale  55 gallon cabinet stand
exasperatus2002   Pick-Up Only allentown, PA
For Sale  Big Purple Cichlid for sale
andrewmedin50   Pick-Up Only Hollywood, FL
For Sale  TROPHEUS Breeding colonies - several-
Jianling   Pick-Up Only Ashburn, VA
For Sale  Synodontis Petricola
Los Angeles   Shipping Available los angeles, CA
For Sale  125 gallon set up
Pabs92   Pick-Up Only San Diego, CA
For Sale  WC Cyp.Leptomsoma Jumbo Mbita breeding group
Ram-Finatic   Pick-Up Only Mississauga, ON
Wanted  saulosi
Cichlid boy   Shipping Available santa cruz, CA
Wanted  Synodontis Petricola
brn2fish   Pick-Up Only Riverside, CA
For Sale  Must Sell-$500 or Best Offer
zugbug   Pick-Up Only Glen , NH
Wanted  Neolamprologus similis
kmcandre   Shipping Available Omaha, NE
Wanted  LF Male Copadichromis Geertsi
Atwater3918   Shipping Available North Hollywood , CA
For Sale  Placidochromis Gisseli
Atwater3918   Pick-Up Only North Hollywood , CA
Wanted  WTB: Peacock and Blue dolphin juvies
ilovecichlid   Shipping Available Boston, MA
Wanted  WTB: High Quality Yellow Lab Juvies
ilovecichlid   Shipping Available Boston, MA
TNT Cichlids   Shipping Available EP, PA
For Sale  125g + 55g Selling Dirt Cheap - Must Go Now!
Porkchopper   Pick-Up Only Santa Rosa Beach, FL



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