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If you have African or New World cichlids for sale or if you are looking for a particular cichlid, this is the place! Also consider our Sponsors page, where you find retailers who offer a variety of quality fish.

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Last 20 Postings
For Sale  8x Cryt Moori, 8x Yellow Labs, 3-7"
paradigmsk8er   Pick-Up Only Tampa, FL
For Sale  8x Cryt Moori, 8x Yellow Labs, 3-7"
paradigmsk8er   Pick-Up Only Tampa, FL
For Sale  FS: Male and Female kribensis
ptrnyc   Shipping Available Sunnyside, NY
For Sale  Cyprichromis Utinta
Los Angeles   Pick-Up Only los Angeles, CA
For Sale  S. Petricola
Los Angeles   Pick-Up Only Los Angeles, CA
For Sale  Cyathopharynx furcifer (Ruziba)
ampm4fish   Pick-Up Only South Brunswick area, NJ
For Sale  3D Flexible Background
GMfrontosa   Shipping Available Fort Irwin, CA
For Sale  Cichlids
jaaquatics   Shipping Available Kyle, TX
Wanted  Looking for b/w calvus , albino Taiwn Reef
firjang   Pick-Up Only parsippany, NJ
Wanted  White Tail Acei/White Labs
Steve0325   Shipping Available Westchester County, NY
For Sale  group of "blue flash" cyps
sumthinfishy   Pick-Up Only leominster, MA
For Sale  FS: Tank and accessories
GMfrontosa   Shipping Available Ft Irwin, CA
For Sale  210 Gallon Oceanic Aquarium
Marky   Pick-Up Only Broomfield, CO
For Sale  12 inch frontosa great shape. 20$
luispena   Pick-Up Only bronx, NY
For Sale  Electric Blue Jack Dempsies
amazing_betta   Shipping Available Lake Forest, CA
For Sale  yellow labs
Dave954   Pick-Up Only manchester, NJ
For Sale  Cyno Zebroides(Afra) Cobue
DrgRcr   Shipping Available Piscataway, NJ
Wanted  WTB Neolamprologus Calliurus
jacobm.   Shipping Available Anaheim, CA
For Sale  *********ANOTHER NEW SHIPMENT IN*********
sdvnk   Shipping Available oswego, IL
For Sale  Africans fry for sale
GVSailor   Shipping Available Grand Rapids, MI



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