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If you have African or New World cichlids for sale or if you are looking for a particular cichlid, this is the place! Also consider our Sponsors page, where you find retailers who offer a variety of quality fish.

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Last 20 Postings
For Sale  Malawi breeding groups for sale
jed clampett   Pick-Up Only Belmont, OH
For Sale  Malawi Fry for Sale
Merciless   Pick-Up Only Houston, TX
Wanted  Multi Male! (Neolamprologus multifasciatus)
miulloj   Shipping Available TALLAHASSEE, FL
For Sale  Mr.
Anonymous   Shipping Available , United Kingdom
For Sale   frontosa
CLN66   Pick-Up Only Jackson, MI
For Sale  Auratus Fry for sale
Sm_watkins   Pick-Up Only Upland , CA
Wanted  mbuna juvies
xgtphalex   Shipping Available janesville , WI
For Sale  Peacock bass
Greg27   Pick-Up Only Phoenix, AZ
For Sale  Closing fishroom LOW LOW PRICES! Shpg OK!
Los Angeles   Shipping Available los angeles, CA
For Sale  Moba Frontosa
firework   Pick-Up Only Torrington, CT
Wanted  WTB Cynotilapia Axelrodi
kyboy   Shipping Available Cincinnati, OH
For Sale  Lake Malawi Mbuna
Nathan Donaldson   Pick-Up Only Prinsburg, MN
Wanted  Lake Tanganyika shell dwellers or gobies
a.wiatrowski   Shipping Available Rialto, CA
For Sale  sydontis petricola & other cichlids
slater32   Pick-Up Only san diego, CA
Wanted  L. Multi
navytom   Shipping Available VenturA, CA
Wanted  Amatitlania Sajica
LunarValkyrie   Shipping Available Church Hill, TN
For Sale  Zaire Blue
Aepping   Shipping Available Cleburne, TX
For Sale  Peacock Bass Pair - male/female
tcfinslade91   Pick-Up Only Greenfield, IN
For Sale  Taiwan Reef, Blood Dragon, Sunshine Peacocks
Jianling   Pick-Up Only Herndon, VA
For Sale  Malawi and Tang juveniles and adults
gregga   Pick-Up Only long island, NY



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