Lake Malawi Biotope
190g (W5' x H2'6" x D2')
Brief Description of Tank
A simple dark-looking Malawi biotope setup. I aim to recreate the dark look of Lake Malawi, with the focus of the entire setup on the cichlids.

Keeping mainly WC Malawi Haps. Also have some non-cichlids in there as well.

General Information
Filtration Sump filter 900gal / hr
Air Pump 1x Air filter
Heater 1x 100W
Lighting 4x 40W
Substrate White gravel (fine)
Rocks Dark Gray Limestone (Ying Rocks)
Background Black styrofoam

Water Parameters
Temperature: 29C pH: 8.0 gH: 15dGH kH: 5dKH Nitrate Level: 20mg/l

Fish List
1 Leopard Pleco
1 Copadichromis trewavasae
3 Albino Aulonocara stuartgranti "Usisya"
1 Aulonocara baenshi "Nkhomo Reef"
1 Chinese Algae Eater
8 Clown Loach
7 Otopharynx lithobates "Zimbawe Rocks"
6 Red Empress

User Comments
Dec 10, 2004
hey nice fishes in there . also a really nice tank as well. good luck.
Mar 6, 2005
Made some changes to the tank recently: Changed the pump in the sump (for a higher filtration rate), added more lighting, and redecorated the tank. Some minimal changes to the inhabitants too!
Mar 9, 2005
Jo?o Labatt
Awsome tank!
Mar 12, 2005
Nice work 'blade. Tell me about your styrofoam bg. Did you tool out the grooves and then paint it black? It looks like it could be a fairly easy DIY project.
Mar 13, 2005
Thanks for the comments! phishphorphun: The background actually came like that - the styrofoam is black in colour (including the insides). Makes it kinda easy to setup & maintain. ^_^
Jul 14, 2006
FINALLY got to update my tank details in Cichlid-Forum. :)
Jul 25, 2006
occelatus jones
that is a great tank..thanks for keeping those camera settings on the right..I've been looking for some settings advice. Any setting details for the right pic? Great background, was the foam built for a tank or did you customize it for the tank. Very nice and balanced set-up.
Jul 25, 2006
Awesome tank and fish!
Aug 6, 2006
Thx for the replies! The right pic = old pic (didn't update yet). The background is ordinary black styrofoam, from the local fish shop. :)
Sep 12, 2006
Keep workin' with that D70 and get up some better photos of those red empress! they look great, but i want to see more/better! nice setups!
Sep 15, 2006
Thx for the good comment mdownsonu. For more photos, you can check out my (messy) photo gallery at
Jun 16, 2007
Haha, looks like I'm making yearly updates on my tank. :)
Jun 20, 2007
love the limestone!! where'd u get it? i bet it keeps ur pH up real nicely

Last Updated: June 16, 2007

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