Shell Dweller Tank
20 gallon long
Brief Description of Tank
20 gallon long Pearly Ocellatus (Lamprologus Meleagris) species tank.

I placed the plant substrate in the rear of the tank about 2" deep. I keep it in place with slate stacked like a retaining wall. I then added sand in the front majority of the tank for the fish.

These fish breed like crazy. Most times there are 2 spawns per shell.

General Information
Filtration AC50
Lighting Marineland Single Bright LED
Substrate sand
Rocks whatever I found in my yard
Background Designs By Nature - flat back mounted flush
Plants wisteria, anacharis, java fern
Feeding Ken's brine shrimp flake and frozen brine shrimp.

Water Parameters
Temperature: 78 pH: gH: kH: Nitrate Level:

Fish List
6 Lamprologus Meleagris
6 Rasbora

User Comments
Mar 27, 2011
Tank looks good, but I can't see the fish. Do you have a close up?
Mar 28, 2011
Sure here's some more pictures. Here is a video of them spawning too.
Apr 12, 2011
very cool photo. The whole lighting scene in the photo looks great.
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Last Updated: March 26, 2011

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