Lake Tanganyika
110 Gallon

June 2012

Brief Description of Tank
this tank just got a make over 4 months ago. I installed a new 3d background along with an automatic water changer system, reef keeper controller, automatic canopy lift and other goodies.

sadly this tank will be retired soon as im putting my 240 in the wall in my house for all these fish to go into. i hope you guys like it!

General Information
Filtration (2) Rena xp2 Rena xp3 (2) Aquaclear Ac70
Air Pump (2) Hydor Koralia 2's
Heater 300 Watt Marineland Visi Therm
Lighting (3) 4' Shop lights (1) marineland led light
Substrate Sand and crushed shells
Rocks Painted to match
Background 3D background self made
Plants Java Fern, Java Moss, Assorted anubias
Feeding pellets, frozen food

Water Parameters
Temperature: 79 pH: 7.8 gH: kH: Nitrate Level: 5ppm

Fish List
4 Frontosa
2 neolamprologus leleupi
2 julidochromis marlieri
1 altolamprologus compressiceps gold face
1 common plecostomus

User Comments
Apr 19, 2012
very nice good luck with 240 18fisher
Apr 19, 2012
Is the LED used for daylight or twilight? Also, what is it like working with java moss? Do the fish leave it alone?
Apr 19, 2012
Thank you 18fisher. I will keep you guys posted on the 240. Jacobm1 the led is used for both. I run the led on with the florescent bulbs to give the water that shimmer look. And at night I use the white led only for a moonlight. The blue one is pointless.
May 5, 2012
wow, I love that tank. Esp. with the one light on in front
May 21, 2012
Very nice tank, great look to it!
Jan 31, 2013
congrats on the 240g! Beautiful tanks as well

Last Updated: June 17, 2012

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