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 Profiles Protomelas
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Scientific Names: Common Names:
Protomelas annectens   Kabibi
Protomelas fenestratus (Gome)  
Protomelas fenestratus (Mbenji)  
Protomelas sp. "hertae"  
Protomelas insignis (Gome)  
Protomelas insignis (Otter Pt.)  
Protomelas sp. "johnstoni solo"  
Protomelas kirkii   Kambuzi
Protomelas marginatus  
Protomelas sp. "Mbenji Thick Lip"   Haplochromis labrosus
Protomelas ornatus   Haplochromis flavimanus, Electrochroims ornatus, Cyrtocara ''Maleri Thick Lip''
Protomelas pleurotaenia  
Protomelas similis  
Protomelas spilonotus (Mara Rocks)   Sulfur Head, Haplochromis ovatus
Protomelas sp. "Spilonotus Likoma"  
Protomelas sp. "Spilonotus Mozambique"  
Protomelas sp. "Spilonotus Tanzania"  
Protomelas sp. "Spilonotus Tanzania" (Liuli)   Royal
Protomelas sp. "Steveni Black Belly"  
Protomelas sp. "Steveni Imperial"   Imperial Tigress
Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Albino)   Taiwan Reef Albino
Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Higga Reef)  
Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Ngkuyo)  
Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Taiwan Reef)   Taiwan Reef
Protomelas taeniolatus (Boadzulu Is.)  
Protomelas taeniolatus (Chilumba Jetty)  
Protomelas taeniolatus (Chinyamwezi Is.)  
Protomelas taeniolatus (Chizumulu Is.)  
Protomelas taeniolatus (Karanga)  
Protomelas taeniolatus (Likoma Is.)   Tangerine Tiger
Protomelas taeniolatus (Magunga)  
Protomelas taeniolatus (Makanjila)   Fire Blue
Protomelas taeniolatus (Namalenje Is.)   Red Empress, Firecracker
Protomelas taeniolatus (Red)   Super Red Empress
 Profiles Protomelas
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