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 Profiles 'Lamprologus'
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Scientific Names: Common Names:
`Lamprologus` brevis  
`Lamprologus` brevis (Chaitika)  
`Lamprologus` brevis (Ikola)   Sunspot Brevis
`Lamprologus` brevis (Katabe)  
`Lamprologus` brevis (Kigoma)   Kigoma Blue
`Lamprologus` brevis (Lunangwa)  
`Lamprologus` brevis (M'toto)   M'toto Zebra
`Lamprologus` brevis (Mzwema)  
`Lamprologus` callipterus  
`Lamprologus` callipterus (Albino)  
`Lamprologus` callipterus (Molwe)  
`Lamprologus` callipterus (Mpimbwe)  
`Lamprologus` callipterus (Mzwema)  
`Lamprologus` callipterus (Ulwile)  
`Lamprologus` calliurus (Chikalakate)  
`Lamprologus` calliurus (Magara)  
`Lamprologus` calliurus (Moliro)  
`Lamprologus` calliurus (Mpimbwe)   Giant Mpimbwe Shelldweller, Giant Calliurus
`Lamprologus` caudopunctatus (Kapampa)   Caudopunk
`Lamprologus` caudopunctatus (Kasanga)   Caudopunk
`Lamprologus` sp. "Caudopunctatus Kipili"  
`Lamprologus` finalimus  
`Lamprologus` leloupi  
`Lamprologus` sp. "Magarae"  
`Lamprologus` multifasciatus   Multies
`Lamprologus` multifasciatus (Mbita)   Multies
`Lamprologus` ocellatus (Gold)  
`Lamprologus` ocellatus (Mbita, Zambia)  
`Lamprologus` ocellatus (Wampembe)  
`Lamprologus` ocellatus (Whitestrain)  
`Lamprologus` ocellatus (Zambian Blue)  
`Lamprologus` sp. "Ornatipinnis" Kigoma  
`Lamprologus` sp. "Ornatipinnis Tembwe II"  
`Lamprologus` sp. "Ornatipinnis Zambia"   Yellowfin Ocellatus
`Lamprologus` sp. "Shell Zambia"  
`Lamprologus` similis   Big Eye Multifasciatus
`Lamprologus` speciosus   Black Ocellatus
`Lamprologus` stappersii   Lamprologus meleagris
`Lamprologus` wauthioni  
 Profiles 'Lamprologus'
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