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bristlenose/pleco with tropheus

Postby mosuhu » Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:16 am

Hi All,

Can someone help me. I am having a brown algae issue and cant seem to get rid of it. The tropheus don't touch it. Its grown over all the rockwork and it does not look nice at all.

The glass is fine, I keep a cleaner for that. I cleaned the rockwork myself with a brush, but within a week it all grew back. Lights are on 8 hours a day. No natural daylight touches the tank.

So, can I keep a bristlenose/pleco with my colony of 16 dusoisi? Can anyone give me some suggestions, or even how to combat the brown algae issue.

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Postby altocomp83 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:48 pm

Get some siamese alge eaters. They don't look cool but do the job. You might wanna shoot for some larger ones so ur trophs don't killem. I had the same problem in my 90 gallon. It was red beard alge. Real thick stringy mat all over my rocks. You will still have to scrape it iff ur rocks for a while but the siamese will eventually irraticate it. My unterstanding is that siamese alge eaters are the only fish who will eat this kind of alge. It took 6 months but I worked for me. You only other option is to sun bleach ur rocks, change substrate, and start all over.
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