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Thought I had gill flukes-- bad reaction to cupramine

Postby aquariam » Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:19 pm

I thought I had gill flukes because my leleupi appeared to be breathing rather heavily despite very high oxygenation and favourable water conditions.

They appeared to be opening their gills more than they needed to and they were also coughing rather frequently, and when they did, I'd see a tiny greyish thing the size of a large grain of sand come out of their mouth. Otherwise they were growing and eating very nicely.

I have a plant in there from a pet store and also I got some fish from a pet store I know had gill flukes once in the past though they are not in the tank any more- that is why I suspected the condition. I'm not 100% sure of my diagnosis though as I think Tanganyikan fish tend to flare their gills more than malawi which Im used to when they breathe... but I digress.
Please help.

current tank residents
6 synodontis petricola tank bred in nobleton
12 neolamprologus leleupi (tanganyinan) tank bred toronto
9 platys (ya I know) tank bred toronto

pH 8 kH 10 (buffering with seachem malawi buffer)
80 ferenheit 0 nh3/4 0 n02 20ish no3


I added cupramine until it tested @ 0.35mg/L

(seachem suggests 0.5mg/L SW and 0.25mg/L freshwater)

anyways, the next day everything is freaked, just sitting on the bottom or hiding. My syno petricolas are extremely bad, borderline dying. 3 can't control their swim bladders (all this is a copper reaction) and one can't swim period, he's just floating around breathing. They're so bad they let me touch them and didnt react.

I am pulling the copper out with carbon now.
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