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Sudden death :(

Postby csolo541 » Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:19 pm

Video says it all, but at lunch break today my Regal peacock was not doing good at all. By the time I got home at the end of the day he was a goner. Water tests seemed okay, temp is okay... Dont know what happened... Only recent changes were adding a powerhead.
Any ideas?

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Re: Sudden death :(

Postby Robin » Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:29 am

Sorry about your fish.
I zipped through the video so sorry if I missed information but let me just ask a couple quick questions
Had you noticed any kind of symptoms with this fish in the weeks/days leading up to his death?
Was the fish eating and swimming normally the day before you found him in the weakened state?
And this wasn't a new fish--correct? You've had him for a month or more? Any of the other fish new? Or have you removed any fish recently?

My first thought on this one is, if the fish went from eating and swimming normally one day to death the next, is that it was the result of aggression from another fish. There's not too many things that will kill a fish that fast. Bacterial diseases can kill fast but you'll usually see some sort of white fuzzy growth. One other possibility is that the fish got stuck somewhere and injured himself internally.

For now since your water quality is good and none of the other fish are showing symptoms I would perhaps do a few extra partial water changes using a good quality dechlorinator and siphon the gravel. Just always a good practice whenever you have a death or illness in the tank. And then watch your fish extra closely for the next few weeks. Try watching them from somewhere where they can't see you--it's the best way to see their true interactions with each other. Whenever they see you they go into feeding behavior.

Again, sorry for the loss of your fish. You have a beautiful tank and it sounds like you take good care of it, so it's definitely a difficult loss.


and I'll just throw this in: I know you were(are) upset, but for some of us, all those f-bombs are a bit distracting.
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Re: Sudden death :(

Postby csolo541 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:25 pm

Yeah everything seemed just fine prior to death. He was eating, swimming and acting normal. I've never noticed him getting bullied much by the other fish. He was in the tank for about a month.
I suppose he could have hit the glass or rocks and messed himself up that way like you say.

All the other fish are still healthy and eating. I'm pretty much over it. Stuff happens. Just frustrated after investing so much into stocking etc.
Thanks for the support
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