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What's a good plant to put in tank?

Postby Chelps03 » Sat May 12, 2012 8:11 pm

First are live plants good to have? And what's a good large easy plant to have. I kinda want like a clover and fish. An swim over and hide in thanks
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Re: What's a good plant to put in tank?

Postby rp-photo » Sat May 12, 2012 9:11 pm

Live plant do offer their advantages...

the last planted tanks i got, i went through ..i highly recomend them... just beware, you may get snail with your plants, i ended up getting a couple babies..

down side is you need to trim now n then, and even though they help w/ bio load and nitrates and ammonia and so forth... it can be a hassle

i ran a low budget setup for my 10gal:

1 Anacharis
2 Blood Stargrass
3 Japanese Fans
1 Dwarf Lily Plant
4 Dwarf Onions
1 Ambulia
10 Tall Sagittaria subulata
1 small red-spot Ozelot sword
8 Crypt Walkeri
3 Java Ferns


they do have diff "packages" for diff styles of fish, i know they have an African Package and an Asian Packages you might look into...

good luck

if u run planted tanks.. if u dont do REAL DIRT , i suggest u run FloraMax, stuff works great
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