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Postby peperoni21 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:10 pm

Hey, I'm new to these forums but needed advice ASAP. I have a pair of Kenyi cichlids which have only spawned once before but the female spat all her eggs out as soon as I went to feed. I came home today to find her holding. I immediately netted her and put her in a little breeder box, but she spat all her eggs out! Luckily they're all in the breeder box(around 15-20 eggs). I don't have an egg tumbler so I waited to see if she'd pick them up, yet she never did so I placed her in another aquarium for the meantime. Now the problem I'm facing is how to keep the eggs tumbling. What I did was put the breeder box under my filter so the current gives the eggs a little movement. They aren't moving too crazy, only spinning in a whirlpool for a second before they fall back down. So my questions are... Will this be enough for them? How long will the eggs take to hatch and how do I know they are fertile? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Oh and by the way, I recently got the male Kenyi so my female has no experience with breeding whatsoever(although she was raised from my first ever batch about a year or longer ago).
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Postby Iggy Newcastle » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:23 pm

Welcome to C-F

If you want to try and save these, or strip eggs in the future, buy a tumbler. You can find plenty of options online. Or look for DIY tumbler plans. Hope for the best with your current approach.

Eggs will not necessarily hatch, but the fish basically forms out of the egg. You should see signs of this around 7 days. Free swimming fry by 3-4 weeks.

If they are not fertile, or your tumble setup is inadequete, the eggs will turn brownish and wither away.

Young mothers can take some time to get the mouthbrooding down pat. And know that M. Kenyi has one of the worst reputations of all Malawi fish. Their aggression is extreme. Depending on tank size, consider increasing your female counts to a minimum of 7.
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Postby peperoni21 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:38 pm

I'll definetly have a tumbler for my next batch thanks for replying :)
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