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Sexing Juvenile Rusties and Labs

Postby gillmanjr » Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:59 pm

Hi all, I have a question for those of you who have experience with Rusties and Labs. I currently have 6 rusties, 3 yellow labs, and 3 white labs, all juvies ranging from about 1" to 2". I have already noticed striking differences in appearance with some of them and was wondering if maybe these are an early indicator of sex. Unlike with my socolofis there are really no behavioral differences to speak of with the rusties and labs, they are all very peaceful.

With the rusties my three smallest have very pronounced brown bars with a lighter color in between. The three larger rusties are solid brown with no bars whatsoever.

With the labs I have noticed one of my yellow and one of my white labs have a much more pronounced and darker strip on their dorsal fin. It is a very deep black and thicker, while the others have a thinner and more greyish strip.
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Re: Sexing Juvenile Rusties and Labs

Postby ha77 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:32 pm

Pretty much just a guessing game with the Labs until you can vent them unfortunately.
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Re: Sexing Juvenile Rusties and Labs

Postby DJRansome » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:13 pm

The fish should all have the "at peace" coloration (no bars, dark dorsal and lower fins). Fish showing stress bars and subduing their colors can be either a sub-dominant male or a female...and it is also not unheard of for a female to be the dominant (best colored) fish.
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