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My stock. Your thoughts?

Postby XpensiveWino » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:09 am

I've finally got my all male hap/peacock tank stocked to the level I want. I've been at cichlid keeping for about 7 months now, and gone from one 'mixed cichlids' tank to an all male hap/peacock tank and one all mbuna tank. The Mbuna tank is great, and is stable with the harem model stocking plan. I'm happy with it.

My hap/peacock tank stock list is as follows. They are all sub-adult males in a 55 gallon. I realize this won't do for long. I plan to go to 90 or 125 in the next year. Any imminent issues you see with the list? (Know one of the OB's will need to go sooner than later):
- Benga Sunshine
- Red Top Lwanda
- Fryeri electric blue
- Borleyi (he is the only mature one in the tank)
- 2 OB's
- 1 hybrid 'peach' color peacock unknown
- Insignis
- Lethrinops
- Ngara Flametail
- Rubenscens
- unknown albino peacock hybrid - he is docile and sweet as can be
- unknown deep purple hybrid - has a blaze on his forehead - purple with yellow and green. Also not dominant.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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